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We offer fun, but also technical expertise.


During the holiday we provide you with the expertise of Costantino Bertucelli, known Italian trainer and coach of FITRI (Italian Triathlon Federation).

Costantino is the technical manager of our sport-holiday proposal , the staff person who defines the training that we offer.

On arrival he explains how we will train during the week and because in this way.

During your stay with us you can also attend two short but useful technical seminars that Costantino holds in a special meeting-room in the accommodation. Deepen with him aspects of training methodology and mental coaching.

Costantino can answer your questions and provide you with even personalized advice about your sport.


Organization of training is necessary to set priorities, in terms of the objectives to be achieved and the means to be used.
Over the decades it has gone from rigid systems of training, in dynamic models of preparation, shifting more attention to the specificity of the preparation and its individualization (individual characteristics, role, load response).
The modulation of the parameters of the workload (quantity, intensity, density) results in improvements in prestative capabilities.


When the performance meets the inner alignment of the individual.
The sports coaching has the 'aim of supporting individual athletes and team to achieve a level of awareness of their mental mechanisms that enables them to improve athletic performance and physical well-being in general.
In other words, to match their actual performance with that potential.
The mental aspect of sports performance is the element that closes the triangle of the factors that determine the success of a training program: physical training, technical and mental.

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