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Tuscany is a region of 'Central Italy overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, characterized by Mediterranean climate along the coast that takes progressively continental attributes to the plains and valleys of Tuscany inside.

The rains generally are not abundant. Large stretches of the coast of the Middle-Lower Tuscany get proportionally annual average of around 600mm.

The winds that blow most frequently in Tuscany come predominantly from the west and south and are mostly triggered by the passage of Atlantic depressions.

The temperatures are influenced by the presence of mitigating the Tyrrhenian Sea on the coasts and sublittoral zones.


The summers are hot with values that exceed 30 ° C at length. On the mountains the climate is mitigated by the altitude cool nights and days are not too hot, while on the coast an important role played by the breezes that moderate the excesses of heat.


Winter in the coastal areas remain quite mild with highs often reach the threshold of 10 ° C and minimum almost always higher than 0 ° C. For here frosts and snowfalls are episodic.

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